Current Board Members

Executive Committee

Tony McCormick, Chairman (Vendor, Developer, Integrator) – Tony really is a vendor. He also worked tirelessly for two solid years to achieve the ONC-ATB Ambulatory Meaningful Use Certification and negotiated the donation that helped OEMR swing the certification fee without which Meaningful Use Certification would not have been achieved. He did this without any renumeration. His company donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of effort. Tony helps manage 2-3 not-for-profits.

Art Eaton, Secretary (aethelwulffe) – Art Eaton helps run 5 different not-for-profits in the Tampa Bay Area. Art is a professional boatwright. He spent a lot of time in the US Navy. He devotes his time to boat building and providing IT Admin support to the Adoption Related Services of Pinellas.

David Herman, Jr., Treasurer – Mr. Herman is a Certified Public Accountant who has been donating his time to all board meetings for the two non-profit organizations that have been supporting the OpenEMR project since 2005, Open Source Medical Software and OEMR. He has completing the taxes for Open Source Medical Software pro bono. He gets a thrill out of helping an organization that can have a huge impact on how health care is delivered in the United States.

Dr. Sam Bowen, Executive Director (Provider) – Dr. Bowen is in full time private private practice. He has been using OpenEMR daily in his practice and providing constant feedback on usability, user interface, work flow, and bugs. Dr. Bowen is almost always using the most current development version in the hot-crucible of a real working practice in order to provide this feedback. Volunteer hours on the project are about 15 hours a week for the last 7 years (over 5,000 man-hours). In the last two years Dr. Bowen donated a substantial amount of cash to kick off the Meaningful Use project and spends a lot of time traveling to give public presentations about the OpenEMR project. Dr. Bowen has started and helps manage 3 not-for-profit organizations, 2 of which are 501(c)(3) organizations.

General Members

Gregory W. Neuman – Mr. Neuman is an attorney in Houston, Texas who in addition to his usual legal practice, provides legal services for 3 tax exempt non-profits in the Houston Area. It was Mr. Neuman who successfully applied for the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for

Sena Palanisami is the founder of ViSolve a leading product development and professional services organization with a focus on leading edge technologies and OpenSource in the Systems and Healthcare IT Domain. His company has contributed $500,000 dollars worth of development effort to the Meaningful Use certification project. ViSolve offers Interoperability services, Meaningful Consulting, Lab Interoperability Solutions, Custom EHR Services, Software Engineering and Technical Marketing services. ViSolve is also a member of HIMSS and HL7. ViSolveā€™s Systems Division offers Enterprise Migration, Cloud/Virtualization services and Identity Access Management Services.

Jack Cahn, MD – Family Practice physician and self described “Country Doctor.” He lives in Sparta, NC with a population of 1,764. The town of Sparta swells with tourist traffic in the summer to about 1,900. Jack Cahn is heavily involved in trying help his local 23 bed hospital and providing Mental Health services for the surrounding area.

Shameem C Hameed – Vendor. Shameem Hameed’s company put a large amount of development. His company’s investment in the meaningful Use project was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mr. Hameed is a resident of Virginia. He is a law school grad who liked software better than law.

Nathan DiNiro (code-for-health project) – “Nate” DiNiro is a recovering software developer. He now runs a web site on Open Affairs TV providing visual open source health informatics information. Mr. DiNiro spends his time promoting health, open source projects, and does a lot of net-working on the behalf of the OpenEMR project wherever he can.

Kevin Yeh (developer) – Kevin Yeh is a medical doctor who decided to develop medical software for a living.

Ron Bearden (banker) – Ron Beardon is a banking executive that is currently trying to raise money to build a hospital in the Houston area for a cooperative association that provides health care for persons who do not have insurance. This cooperative association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.