All of the content of this site is currently open to the public and viewing the contents does not require membership. Downloading the software is free and does not require registration.

If you want to become a member of OEMR please email [email protected] . I will need information about how you want to be listed, whether you want me to publish contact information (especially your email address), links to your web page, and what level of membership that you are requesting (see below). We appreciate donations and have a PayPal account for convenient donation. The Board has approved a model to allow membership in the OEMR as a means of providing some of the ongoing funding needs. These recommended levels of membership are listed below. All donations are tax deductible as charitable donations and are briefly described as follows:

Free Membership – For those who are “Just Looking”

    Robert Abbah – developer form Africa
    Amavi d’almeida (Elom) IT professional / web developper in Ghana. dalamavi at
    Ted Dziuba – Original OpenEMR creator, Ebay software developer
    Abdur-Rahman Rozell, 26 Ida Yarbrough Apts., Albany, NY 12207,
    Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari, MBBS, PhD (Chair of HL7 India and the Vice President of Indian Association for Medical Informatics).

Current Subscriber Members

Basic ($25) – Suitable to want to help out and do their part by contributing.

Craig Oberfield, Quick Notes, Inc.,, 10400 Griffin Rd. Suite 105, Cooper City, FL 33328 USA. Tel: 1-800-899-2468, Fax: 954-680-2209. [email protected]

Voting Membership ($100/year) – one vote per member to elect the Board of Directors:

MRSB Holding, LLC – (1 yr) 11/1/2010
Jack Cahn, MD – (2 yrs) 1/1/2011
Peter Wayne, MD – Basic (3 1/2 yrs) 3/1/2011

Enhanced Membership ($500/year) – includes all privileges of Voting Membership, plus mention on the main website, more TBD

Solomon Rabinowitz- Enhanced 2/1/2011

Corporate Membership ($1,000/year) – includes all privileges of Enhanced Membership plus logo recognition on the website, rebranding support for the certified version and more TBD. This membership level allows for rebrand tracking per ONC-ATCB rules. Send a screen shot and a diff of your code -vs- 4.0.0 and sign up to be a corporate member of OEMR. We will then review and post on the site your status and “proof” for the ONC-ATCB as a rebrander.

DataGroup Technologies Inc. (10-04-2011)
CCIE Services LLC, 09/08/2011
Bowen Primary & Urgent Care, 09-15-2011
Smart eCharts Dr. Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, Chief Medical Officer (6-19-2012, 2 years)
In3development – TouchMedMobile 2012-12-07

Developer/Corporate Members These are developers and corporate contributors whose long standing commitment of time and donated software to OpenEMR gives them membership privileges.

Dr Samuel Bowen
Sunset Systems
Medical Information Integration, LLC
Z & H Healthcare Solutions

Donations can be sent via paypal: [email protected]

We will add a online registration model as soon as we can, checks should be made out to OEMR and can be mailed to:

OEMR 501(c)(3)
c/o Tony McCormick
11725 SW Springwood Dr
Tigard, Oregon, 97233-3326