Supporting OpenEMR, a Free Open Source Electronic Health Record

Code Development Education


OEMR is dedicated to education in order to fulfill its mission. The topics of education include Open Source, Code Development, Project Management, Electronic Medical Records and OpenEMR.

The mechanisms of education include materials on the website and wiki, twice weekly conference calls, and mentorship.

Code Development

There are a myriad of code development learning opportunities.

By coupling mentorship by OEMR to the OpenEMR project, the opportunities for learning are vast. Since OpenEMR is actively used software, it provides an opportunity to learn these tools while also producing something meaningful. The main development languages and tools involved in the OpenEMR project are PHP, mysql/mariadb, javascript, html and git. Other less used languages and tools involved in OpenEMR are perl, bash, python, Zend framework, and Smarty framework.