Going From Paper to Electronic

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While there are a number of consulting companies that will guide an installation and implementation of OpenEMR for ambulatory care clinics, it is possible to plan and execute the process of converting a paper office to a working instance of OpenEMR. This roadmap is a step by step approach, written from the perspective of an actual implementation of OpenEMR in a small, one practitioner internal medicine clinic. The clinic used as a model decided to maintain all records in house as well as the responsibility to ensure compliance with security requirements. Every clinic is different, therefore this manual is written from a general viewpoint which is scalable to a larger organization.

This documentation was prepared as a student internship project as part of the requirements for a Masters of Biomedical Informatics degree.

Project breakdown:

Project Management of Implementation

Privacy Assessment

Workflow Assessment

Lookup Tables

Scanning Documents

Security Assessment

Change Management and Training

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